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#ILoveGay Today - Steve Greenberg

Episode Summary

#ILoveGay Today meets up with Steve Greenberg, where we chat about his show "What The Heck Is That!?", The Gadget Game Show, a fun mix of “Shark Tank” and the classic TV show “What’s My Line?” We chat about how he got started in TV news, and from there, created his show where, with the host’s help, his panelists ask Yes/No questions to try to guess the identity and function of the mystery gadget. He even weaves in a variety of Provincetown drag queens as panelists on some of his shows! In addition, he's written a book, "Gadget Nation: A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention", and he's a frequent contributor on NBC’s Today Show. In a nutshell, he's always searching for cool new gadgets & showcasing innovative products in print, online and on television.