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#ILoveGay Today - Mark Olmsted: Ink From The Pen - A Prison Memoir

Episode Summary

#ILoveGay Today meets up with Mark Olmsted, author of Ink From The Pen, A Prison Memoir. Writing this book, which started out as a series of daily letters written by Mark to his sister while he was incarcerated for dealing meth, his work brings us a unique perspective on prison life while bringing together the sensibilities of a gay, HIV+ man, along with a healthy dose of the TV series Breaking Bad and Oz. Having what has been dubbed AIDS Survivor Syndrome, Mark lived life as if it had an end date, making short-term choices without worrying about long-term consequences. Looking back on his life, it's been a series of recalibrations to go from that perspective on life to where he's at today, living a goal-oriented, productive and life-affirming existence. Be sure to read his book, which dives into the psyche of a series of seemingly outwardly detestable characters, while making you empathize with them along the way. To get a snapshot into the context of Mark's life prior to going to prison, be sure to read the GQ article linked below, entitled "Curious Cons of The Man Who Wouldn't Die." In this article, you learn more about his early years contracting HIV, where he lived while his brother succumbed to AIDS. You also learn about his relentless cons, faking death and coming to life while intermittently posing as his dead brother Luke along the way. #booktok #prisontok